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Credit Scores

How Your Credits Score Affects Loan Financing

How much damage can a bad credit score really cause? A survey from a loan comparison site suggests as an example that individuals who take out an auto loan of $21,778 with a “fair” credit score could pay up to 311 percent more interest than an individual with a “very good” credit score taking out the same loan. In the graph depicted below, you can see the difference between the total interest payment when it comes to the auto loan described above depending on the loaner’s credit score.

Total Interest Payment:
Credit Score: 580-669(fair) 7050$
Credit Score: 740-799 (very good) 2287$
Credit Cards

Tips for Using Credit Cards Responsibly

Are you new to using a credit card? Do you have trouble balancing one? Here are some tips you can use to improve your financial responsibility.

Think Of It As A Loan

You need to pay back everything you buy with a credit card. Therefore, don’t buy things you can’t afford. An alternative is to think of it as an ATM debit card for your checking account – after all you SHOULD have money in the bank to pay for what you’re about to buy, right?

Save The Receipts

Use your credit card receipts side by side with your monthly bill. Look for irregularities and report problems to your credit card issuer immediately.

Pay The Balance On Time

Late payments (or no payments) mean finance charges on the remaining unpaid balance. Plus, if you only pay the minimum, the interest on the unpaid balance will continue to rise – meaning your purchases could end up costing much more than the original price.

Your Credit Rating Affects Your Life

Late payments or even non-payment of debts can damage your credit score. This affects your credit history negatively — making it harder for you to purchase larger items such as cars or property. IT could also become more difficult to rent an apartment, find affordable insurance, or even—in some extreme cases—land a good job.

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